About GeoTest

GeoTest is a multi-faceted firm providing geotechnical engineering, construction materials engineering and testing as well as geological and industrial minerals laboratory testing services. Our field and laboratory services range from geotechnical site evaluation and construction observation, to testing and monitoring the quality of the construction materials delivered and installed at your project. Laboratory capabilities include testing soil, rock, concrete, aggregates, hot-mix asphalt, stone, masonry, mortar, and grout.

Our firm conducts testing services for a wide range of projects, such as airports, roads, bridges, landfills, and buildings. We have a broad range of testing capabilities and professional experience to enhance the quality of your construction project.


Established in March 1997, GeoTest is a registered Wisconsin corporation. While maintaining testing facilities in West Allis, Sun Prairie and Appleton, we also have fully equipped mobile laboratories available for your project or mining site. Our equipment is calibrated at regularly scheduled intervals to assure reliable performance.

GeoTest maintains a highly qualified professional and technical staff, affording us the opportunity to provide a single technician or assemble a team, to suit the special needs of a particular project. Our staff works efficiently and in accordance with the appropriate testing standards to assure that accurate results are reported in a timely manner. The principal objective of GeoTest has always been to offer testing services of high professional standards and technical competence. GeoTest is a proud member of the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL).

Test Data

Receiving your test data and reports quickly is important, so GeoTest uses an electronic web-based system to get those to you quickly and efficiently.  We post our test reports online for easy 24 / 7 access.  Clients and other project team members who have been provided access can find their electronic reports in pdf format at the following link www.geotestreports.com. For a reference guide for using eReports, click this link. If you have not been assigned a password, contact us at info@888geotest.com or call 1-888-geo-test.